Why your business might need a rebrand

Sooner or later, there comes a time when your corporate identity becomes stale and out of date. Recognising when this is can be difficult, however in the world of business and marketing often moments arise that lend or sometimes even necessitate the need for change. Although daunting, a rebrand of your business can breathe new life into your commercial output and offer new and exciting corporate rewards.

The benefits of rebranding are vast and extensive, however in order to obtain maximum gain (excuse the gym pun) it needs to be implemented with a definitive focus on strategy, creative vision, concise thought, planning and, perhaps most importantly, with the right intentions. For example a common misconception in the field of marketing is that your logo is your brand and vice versa. A primary reason for this is that logos are more often than not the most recognisable communicative tool used when interacting with audiences and therefore it is the element most businesses tend to concentrate on when rebranding. Therefore other important aspects such as marketing materials like websites and other online platforms, business premises, advertising campaigns and marketing tools are often overlooked or in the most extreme cases, ignored entirely.

So what are the most recognisable signs that your business is sliding swift and fast into that oblique catalyst of dry, stale stagnation. Let's have a look at some of the indicators:

You’re failing to differentiate from competition

Let’s be honest, branding is all about differentiating and standing out from competitors. Rocking the boat a little becomes important the more you feel yourself swaying amongst a sea of sameness in the corporate world. Capitalising on your unique value propositions by repositioning certain marketing plans or strategy outputs not only make you more visible to potential customers but also help you stay fresh and current in conjunction with modern times.

You’re business plan/model has changed

The strategic objectives of your business are rarely identical a few years down the line as they are when you first start out. Many things can be have a hand in this whether it be unforseen marketing opportunities, a change in your target audience or an update in terms of new technology and software. As your business goals change, so must your branding. Tailoring your branding for each specific new product or service you offer aids in less muddle and confusion for your customers.

You’re brand has become confusing

If the messaging behind your brand has become unclear, it may be time to consider a revamp. A lack of a clear and concise narrative can make audiences gloss over and decide against investing any value into your goods or services. Always remember increased complexity equals reduced cohesiveness. Rebranding is a good way to avoid this happening.

You’ve started merging with other businesses

It’s not uncommon for businesses to grow and expand alongside others with like minded capacity and resources. It is absolutely essential when merging with a new business to consider rebranding and to think about how they fit in with your marketing design. A lack of branding consistency or alignment can result in a conflicting marketing aims and strategies resulting in a confusing business aim and a muddled image for customers.

You’ve stopped attracting top talent

The best people in any field want to work with others just as good or better than themselves. Put in simple terms, if highly qualified, talented or experienced people have stopped applying to work with you it might be because your brand has become affiliated with industry standards that are below the necessary requisite for a top business. In this case, rebranding can help you reinvent yourself and distance your business from any negative affiliations it may have somehow picked up for whatever the reason. Remember, branding is not just for customers; high quality employees and business associates are also attracted by your particular code of branding.

At the end of the day, a brand is basically a living, breathing embodiment of your business and the hard work and passion you as a business owner invest into you work day in day out. Often the signs that you need a rebrand are right in front of you so don't be afraid to take a step back and think critically about the next step in your marketing strategy. Whatever ultimately compels you to take that leap into rebranding, the benefits are vast, extensive and wide ranging.

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